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Services include Business Loans for Corporations and Grant Writing

All businesses, including corporations, need loans and assistance with grant writing to secure the capital necessary to start or grow their business. Tiger Eye Capital can also help secure the capital needed to establish good business credit.


C Corporations

According to the IRS, C Corporations are the most common corporate business structure. Although many businesses start out as sole proprietors or partnerships, as they grow, the need to incorporate becomes more and more appropriate.

Limited Liability Company(LLC)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure that has a limited personal liability like a corporation, but provides for more management flexibility similar to a regular partnership. LLC “members” benefit from a flexible business type that limits their personal liability.

Marketing Plans & Grant Writing

Many government and private agencies offer grants for nonprofit organizations, small businesses and individuals to develop and implement a marketing plan to start and grow their business.

Wealth Management Pension Plans

Tiger Eye Capital can also help design wealth management programs for the owners of small businesses. Including real estate investment maturity plans with two-year returns.

Grant Programs Options

Grants are available from both the federally funded Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and private nonprofit organizations. Grants are typically used to fund very specific programs and usually come with restrictions that must be accounted for independent from other funds including grant writing for Native American tribes and others.

Business Credit Line

“A business line of credit (or “LOC”) is a revolving loan that gives business owners access to a fixed amount of money, which they can use day-to-day according to their need for cash.”

S Corporations

As the most common form for small businesses, the S corporation provides tax benefits and legal protection not available to sole proprietors. S corporations are allowed to “pass through” profits, losses, deductions and credit before they are subject to federal taxation.

501(c)3 NonProfit

Tiger Eye provides capital for nonprofits through the Nonprofits Assistance Fund. Loans are available for nonprofits engaged in health care, community development, housing, schools, social service agencies, environmental, and arts organizations.

Business Plans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides guidance for creating and revising business plans that are a critical component of starting or growing a business.

FSA & USDA (Farm Loan Programs)

Farm Loan Programs are available to family-size farmers and ranchers to “start, improve, expand, transition, market, and strengthen family farming and ranching operations.”

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides loans to businesses with less than 500 employees and less than $7 million in annual receipts with a variety of loan types including “micro loans” that can be used for inventory, machinery, furniture, real estate and for paying off existing loans,

USDA Loans

USDA Loans are a home-mortgage option “available to rural and suburban homebuyers issued by qualified lenders” and “guaranteed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).”

Tiger Eye Capital - Who We Are

Tiger Eye Capital provides loans and grants writing guidance to corporations in securing business loans, developing grant proposals and developing business plans including:

  • Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) – United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Construction Loans
  • Merchant Business Loans
  • Private Loans
  • Grants
  • Factoring
Projects Delivered
  • Agricultural Loans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Wealth Management
  • Housing Development
  • Commercial Developments


Chief Executive Officer – Mia Nguyen

Email – File@Tigereyecapital.com

Our Staff Personnel


Chief Financial Officer – David Vargas

Email – David501c3@yahoo.com


Marketing Director – Timotheus Schuchner

Email – Tim@schuchnermarketing

Steps To Success


Contact Tiger Eye Capital to discuss your needs


Create your business plan and determine the loans you may need


Choose the best fit for your business from the types of corporations


Visit USDA Programs and Services to Select the best program for your business


Real Estate Loans

$50,000 Minimum – $1,000,000 or More – upto $7,000,000

Property DSR LTV Pts 6 mo ARM 3 yr Fixed Rate 5 yr Fixed Rate
SFR 1-4 Non O/O 1.25 70% 3 4.49 4.74 4.99
Apts (5 or more) 1.20 70% 3 4.24 4.49 4.74
Office/Retail/Comm 1.25 70% 3 4.49 4.74 4.99
Mixed Use 1.25 70% 3 4.49 4.74 4.99
Automotive Related

or Manufacturing

1.25 70% 3 4.49 5.24 5.49
House of Worship

(Free Standing Single Purpose)

70% DR 50% 3 5.49 5.74 5.99

Prepay, ARM 3,2,1%  3yr Fixed 3,2,1%  5yr Fixed 3,2,1,1,1%
30 year Amortization
Underwriting, Processing and Doc Fee $1,995
Owner Occupied Not Subject to RESPA and Nonowner Occupied Properties
Index: Bank of America Prime Rate
Rates, fees, and terms may change without notice.
$500 Application Fee –  Refundable at Escrow Closing

Below 725 – 681
680 or below 5.99

50% must be 2 bedrooms or more
Less than 50% bedrooms Add 1/2% to rate & 1 point
No more than 25% singles

SBA 7(a) LOANS FROM $250,000 TO $3,000,000

Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, Business Acquisition *Rates: Prime + 2%
Owner must occupy 51% or more *Terms: 25 years fully amortized (real estate)
LTV: Up to 90% Real Estate 1st T.D. *Brokers Protected: 1½% paid to brokers
Minimum Fico 650 *Prepayment Penalty: 5,3,1
Fess: Can be rolled into loan; amount depends on guaranteed portion of loan
Collateral: Real Property, Business assets and/or Personal assets as necessary
*Depository relationship not required*


*Dentist offices/Doctors office
*Gas Stations /Convenience Store
*Beauty Salons/Barber Shops
*Liquor Stores/Mini-Markets
*Automotive Related
*Office, retail & industrial (including condo)
*Grocery Store, convenience stores

*Flagged Hotels & Motels
*Single Tenant
*Veterinary Services
*Child Day Care Centers
*Self Storage, Laundromat & Dry Cleaners
*Retail Stores

And many more property types.


Tiger Eye Capital has worked with many businesses in the past and can help you decide the best way to move forward for starting or growing your business. Our finance professionals have experience in all types of business and commercial loans across virtually every industry

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Rural Agricultural Loans

There are federal programs specially designed to help businesses secure loans rural agriculture loans. As an authorized lender under the USDA Rural Development Program, Tiger Capital has access to over fifty financial assistance programs for a variety of rural applications.

Managing Wealth for Retirement

Because today’s retirees live longer than previous generations, are more active and have expanded their geographic horizons, most need a larger “nest egg”. Tiger Eye Capital can help you plan for and create a portfolio to help you retire when, where and how you want. Not only help you build wealth for retirement but continue to manage your capital as you watch your funs grow through real estate investments in two-year maturity plans.

Factoring - AKA Accounts Receivable Financing

Factoring is a form of business lending available to businesses who offer credit or payment terms to their customers. It is a “cash advance” wherein the business sells its invoices at a discount to a third-party financial company known as a “factor.” The business gets a percentage of their cash immediately and the factor is responsible for collecting payment when it becomes due.

Credit Research Database (CRD)

The Credit Research Database (CRD) allows lenders to access historical data to support small business lending decisions. It is important that small businesses establish good credit early in their life cycle so that when they need more money later they have a documented track record. Just like in personal credit, the best time to secure a loan is when you don’t need it and can pay it back promptly.

Construction Development Loans

Whether you are remodeling, building a new home, commercial building, or renovating a commercial property, you will likely need access to capital – much more than your current cash flow provides. Tiger Eye provides access to many different types of construction loans including VA, FHA, conventional, bridge loans, loans for hotels, shopping centers, office buildings and more.

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